Saturday, May 28, 2011

Battle of the Burritos Round 2: Chipolte

Update as of 2013:

This post has been deleted because the restaurant in question put out a product that wasn't great, wasn't bad, was just MEH and as such the review violated my Positive Honesty Policy.  


Hank Lewis

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giantslor said...

I never had any of those issues with Chipotle. I think you just had bad luck that day. I've tried Freebirds and it was good, but much like Mongolian BBQ (where it's not difficult to assemble an inedible assortment of ingredients and spices), they force you to be the chef. Sometimes that results in a less ideal burrito. Next time I go I'll try to plan carefully in advance and maybe I'll be more impressed. The good thing about Chipotle is they do a few things and do them well.