Saturday, May 14, 2011

Quick Review/Post on Fadi's Mediterranean Grill

My family went out to Fadi's Mediterranean Grill which was a nice suprise and was quite delicious. Unlike a couple of other such places in the Houston area that will go unnamed, Fadi's food was very fresh, full of flavour and was reasonably priced. I had lamb shank with 3 veggies (mushroom salad, chipolte hummus and mixed veggies) while another adult in our party had eggplant beef with mushroom salad and traditional hummus. My kids were thankful they had flavourful chicken tenders with fries (such items are a must when adults have adventurous palates but the kids do not!).

As you can see the food is colourful and fresh. I highly recommend it!

Fadi's Grill
Houston - Location 1

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