Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Some Fellow Food Bloggers I Like

I had a couple of folks send me an email asking for some links to other food blogs I read regularly. More than happy to do this.

Some Food Bloggers in the Houston area as well as in other Metros around North America whom I respect and read/follow regularly include:

  • Mai Pham originally from SoCal, moved to Houston, great food blogger online, who has now recently shown up on Fox-26 news for a few segments.  Worth a serious read.

  • Alison Cook whose search for the perfect local Burger in Houston started me off on my own search for the same thing.

  • JoAnn Takasaki whose blog I found online & I thoroughly enjoy!

  • Bite Me Houston The name says it all!

  • H-town Chow-down Albert Nurick covers the Houston Food scene quite well and has provided some nice feedback to me. His blog is more Woodlands oriented, which is cool since my mom lives near there in Conroe.  

  • Mijune Pak whose video reviews of Vancouver Area Poutine's got me on the YouTube bus doing my burger reviews

  • Melody Fury whose knowledge and entrepreneurial spirit appeal to me as an Econ professor and food lover alike.

  • Richard Wolak another great Vancouver Food Blogger who has proven to be quite knowledgeable with regards to #YVR restaurants and food alike.

    I am just a Noob at this--those folks are experts and I consider them to be a great source of information and good models to pattern my own blog after, with my own personal touches of course!!!

    Zao an, Y'all!!!
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