Sunday, August 7, 2011

Review: Kasra Persian Grill

A recent birthday in the family led to a suggestion from my kids' Aunt and Uncle to try something that wasn't the usual place for us and the call was made to do something Mediterranean.  Kasra Persian Grill was suggested and all of use were game for it.   My sister-in-law is especially fond of the Hummus there and that in and of itself was good enough for me and the rest of our rag-tag Clan.

 Persian Cuisine is part of the larger genre that we all refer to as Mediterranean.  At times some folks can be dismissive of it, saying it's all the same.  As someone that has eaten Italian, Greek, Lebanese and Persian, I can say there are many similarities but also many significant differences as well.

Since this was a large party of 6 adults and 5 kids, we went with a family style Grill that combined many of their best dishes for us to all try and enjoy.  So without further ado, here is your

Persian Family Style Meal Blueprint:

Lamb Shank cooked and served in a savoury broth, fall off the bone tender
Salmon Kabob
Chicken Kabob
Kubideh (charbroiled premium ground beef with grated onion and Persian spices)
Barg (choice filet mignon)
Chicken Kubideh (charbroiled ground chicken with grated onion and Persian spices)
Chicken Barg (boneless chicken tenderloin)
all served with Dill Rice, Zereshk Polo (Basmati steamed rice with barberries & hint of Saffron)
Grilled onions, zuchini, tomatoes and eggplant
Taftoon bread (similar to Pita)
and herb plates of basil, mint, parsley, green onion, radish and Feta Cheese

Just a heads up, all meats are marinated in a blend of savoury Persian spices that include garlic, saffron, cloves, black pepper and others too numerous to identify.

First of all, this was a GRAND FEAST for the eyes as well as for the mouth and the stomach.  The meats were well marinated, well seasoned, juicy, flavourful, not excessively spicy or salty, and the portions were generous.  The rice was perfectly steamed--not sticky, and not dry either.  Also the rice was well seasoned but not excessively so.  The herb plates were a little heavy on the mint, but you could use any of the fresh herbs supplied or the Feta cheese to augment the dish you were eating.  I was putting meat on Taftoon bread that I'd spread with Feta and had added basil and parsley.  The meats were all very good, but my favourites were the Salomon Kabob, the Kubideh Beef and Chicken Kubideh.

The proprietor and his staff were friendly, accommodating and attentive.

The Foodie Professor gives Kasra Persian Grill an A+ for quality food, service and atmosphere.

I will also add that this place is near a Benihana, Pappa's BBQ, Yao's Chinese Restauarant and a Carabba's Italian;  It was PACKED this past Friday night and if the word gets out even more, they may have to start taking reservations!

Kasra Persian Grill
9741 Westheimer Rd. @ Gessner
Houston, TX  77042

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