Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Review: Tony Thai on Bellaire Blvd.

Tony Thai is a wonderful restaurant my family and I have eaten at many times.  However, I haven't taken the opportunity to review them until now.  We were celebrating a family event during the Labor Day Weekend and thoroughly enjoyed a mix of great Thai  Dishes.  We had beef and seafood Pad Thai Noodles for the kids (N1, did one with Beef and one with Seafood), Tony Wings (A9 on the menu) and Fried Fish Cakes (A1) for an appetizer; and Green Curry with Tofu and Eggplant (E17, replaced the chicken with Tofu and Eggplant), Crispy Whole Tilapia (E3), and Mixed Seafood Clear Noodles (N2) for Entrees. See the shots below for lovely, full colour glorious shots of these wonderful and awesome dishes.

Tilapia, Fish-cakes, Pad Thai with Beef, Clear Noodles with Seafood

Tony Wings, Pad Thai with Shrimp, Green Curry with Eggplant and Tofu

Tony' Thai's plaiting is very well done--the meal is a feast for the eyes, as well as the nose, mouth and belly.  The dishes are very colourful and flavourful.  The spicy dishes are properly spicy, but the heat doesn't overpower the meat or veggies in the dishes.  The kids really enjoyed the sweet and meaty taste of the Beef Pad Thai while the adults were very happy with the the Tilapia (crisp on the outside, moist on the inside), the Green Curry was sweet and had a strong coconut milk flavour in it, with the eggplant and tofu firm, yet tender.    The fish cakes were acceptible, but those Tony Wings were awesome!  The Tony Wings are sweet, spicy, reminiscent of Mai Palloi sauce, sweet start, hot finish, wings were crunchy and saucy, yet very meaty--no skinny chickens here.  The Whole Party ate their fill and there were very few leftovers when we were done.

Tony Thai's service was timely, efficient, friendly and respectful.  Minimal waits for refills on iced tea or water.  Dishes turned around quickly and were properly cooked.  They were also flexible and made adjustments to the ingredients of a couple of dishes since there was a vegetarian in our party.  Overall a very good and satisfying dining experience.

The Foodie Professor's Report Card for Tony Thai:
Food Quality:  A
Ambiance:  A
Service:  A
Cleanliness: A

Overall Grade:  A

Tony Thai Restaurant
10613 Bellaire Blvd. A10
Houston, TX  77072

And Remember:
Eat Happy!
Zao An,  Y'all!!!

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