Friday, October 14, 2011

Review: BB's Beef and Hot Dog

One of my fellow Houston Food Bloggers, Jack Tyler, reviewed BB's Beef and Hot Dog back during the summertime. I must admit when it comes to Hot Dogs, I'm normally either a James Coney Island man or I buy Nathan's Beef, Oscar Meyer or Ball Park Angus Beef, or Hebrew National and prepare them on the grill or via boiling at home.  I also have very fond memories of a Houston Hot Dog Stand from back in the 1980s/1990s called Big Frank's which had 3 locations.  It was where I had one of my first True Chicago Style Hot Dogs on a poppy seed bun! Big Franks closed years ago, and though James Coney Island is good, it just doesn't have that same OOMPH that a TRUE Chicago Style dog has.  However, thanks to BB's, I think we have a real WIENER of a Chicago dog! (Pun intended!)  While I was there I also had their Italian Sausage on a bun and so on that note here are your blueprints:

BB's Chicago Style Hot Dog:
Vienna Beef hot dog "Dragged Through the Garden"
sport peppers, neon green relish
tomato wedges, onions, a dill pickle spear 
and celery salt 
on a steamed poppy-seed bun

BB's Italian Sausage Dog:
Spicy Italian Sausage
Sport Peppers
Sauteed Sweet Vidalia Onions 
On a steamed bun

First of all, I want to say that the owner, Charles "BB" Rivers himself, was working the till and overseeing operations.  He was very friendly and wanted to make sure I really enjoyed the hot dogs.  That extra step wasn't necessary at all because these two dogs earned a double-syllable DAYAM GOOD taste from yours truly.  The Chicago Style dog was very fresh--the beef juicy, chewy and slightly sweet.  The veggies on it were sour, savoury and spicy and the poppy-seed bun tied it all together like The Dude's rug in The Big Lebowski.  This dog tastes just like Chicago Dog's I've had in Chicago years ago.

Now the Italian Sausage Dog was even more delicious than I expected it would be.  The sausage itself had plenty of Fennel seeds, pepper and other savoury seasonings, and was slightly spicy.  But the Sport Peppers gave it a big boost in the spicy department, and the Sweet Vidalia Onions helped blend everything into a wonderful savoury medley that made my palate sing.  Vidalia onions are mild, sweet and not harsh on the palate at all.  They provided a nice contrast to the peppers and the sausage.  I thought that was a VERY CLASSY TOUCH to the dog and I told BB just that.

While I was there, I noted that they have several other great items that I intend to try later on.  They have a Maxwell Street Polish Dog, Italian Beef Sandwiches, Chili Dogs, Tamales, and they also sell Italian ices as well.  Clearly Mr. Rivers wants to give Houston a genuine Chicago experience with a big of a Texas touch.

I won't be grading atmopshere, as it's only got a few tables and is quite rustic.  However, you won't care one bit as Mr. Rivers takes good care of his customers and makes a damned fine hot dog.

The Foodie Professor's Report Card for BB's Beef and Hot Dog:
Chicago Style Dog: A+
Italian Sausage Dog: A+
     Friendliness: A+
     Speed: A
Cleanliness: A-

Overall Grade: A+

BB'S Beef & Hotdog
11611 W. Airport Blvd. Suite B1
Meadows Pl, Texas 77477
(281) 302-5748 Phone
(281) 302-5825 Fax

And remember:
Eat Happy!!!
Zao An, Y'all!!!

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However, thanks to BB's, I think we have a real WIENER of a Chicago dog! (Pun intended!) While I was there I also had their Italian Sausage on a bun and so on that note here are your blueprints:Lej en pølsevogn