Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Review: Smashburger's Windy City Burger

I've reviewed Smashburger before just in a general review.  They are one of the better limited high end chains, and rank up there with The Counter and  Red Robin. One thing they are well known for is producing a locally inspired burger in different regions, along with their standard menu items.    I read online that they recently decided to take one of their regional burgers, The Windy City Burger, to a National level for the dreaded limited time only.  As a result of it's use of the Pretzel Bread Bun (a favourite of mine), I came by and gave it a try.  Thus, here is your:

Smashburger Windy City Burger Blueprint:
Smashed Angus Beef Patty
Gulden's Hearty Mustard
Haystack onion straws
Melted Cheddar Cheese
Lettuce, tomato & pickles
On a pretzel bun

This burger is a clear winner on several levels.  It is full of savoury flavour--the seasonings, the juicy, hand-formed patties, the blend of Gulden's hearty-not-hot mustard with the fried haystack onions, and especially that Pretzel bread bun!  And let's not forget the delicious, melted cheddar cheese.  It's like the cheese sauce into which you'd be dipping soft pretzels!!! All the flavours combine for a very juicy, satisfying burger that leaves you fully satistfied. 

Little side note about pretzel bread buns:  they are like soft pretzels you'd buy at the mall (Wetzel's or Aunt Annie's) or at ball games in the midwest.  The kind you'd dip in mustard or cheddar cheese sauce.  I first saw it used with a burger on Cooking Network and thought "yummy."  I found one at Houston's Counter Burger location on Washington avenue back in the summertime and was hooked on it.  Red Robin used it for their Oktoberfest Burger I reviewed last week as well.  High end =, casual and even low-end burger places take note:  PLEASE ADD THIS OPTION WHENEVER YOU CAN!!!  This customer, and many others will thank you for it.

Since Smashburger is a limited run national chain, I will not be grading the atmosphere.  Just know that most locations are done up in a faux Art Deco Style that is usually nice and not dirty or chaotic. 

The Foodie Professor's Report Card on Smashburger:
Windy City Burger: A
Cleanliness: A-
    Speed:  B+
    Friendliness: A

Overall grade:  A-

Smashburger will be offering the Windy City Burger Nationwide until October 30, 2011.  They have locations all over the US.  I went to the Westchase location at:

10705 Westheimer Rd
Houston, TX 77042
Neighborhood: Westchase
713 343-0187

And remember:

Eat Happy!
Zao An, Y'all!!!

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