Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Review: Breakfast Tacos at Tejas Taco House

One of Houston's great advantages is its ethnic diversity.  Thanks to our proximity to Mexico, we have some of the best Mexican food of any variety you can think of.  This includes what is a comfort food to many, Tex-Mex.  A favourite kind of Tex-Mex food is the Breakfast Taco or Taquito if it's very small, and there are tons of great places to get them in Houston.  Heck, even Whataburger serves them up during breakfast hours!  But I want to take you to a local place in my Southwest Neighborhood called Tejas Taco House.  And as their tagline says "Nobody Does it Fresher!"

My brother in law, Bill, has his offices on Corporate Drive just down the street from Tejas and took me there for the first time years ago.  Tejas Taco House is located in the heart of SW Houston's Chinatown, but have done brisk business over the eyar.  Gina Castillo operated the reastaurant there for years as "Sunrise Taquito" but a few years ago they changed their name because many customers thought they only served breakfast.  Oddly enough, I am reveiwing their breakfast, so with that, let me tell you about what I ordered. 

Migas & Chorizio Breakfast Tacos
Chorizio Breakfast Taco
Spicy Mexican Chorizio Sausage
Scrambled with Eggs and fresh veggies
and Cheese (Extra, but is worth it)

Migas Breakfast Taco
Scrambled eggs
with peppers, tomatoes, onions
and crispy Tortilla Strips
and cheese (Extra, but is worth it)

Tejas Taco House has Sodas, Different Aguas Frescas (fruit drinks), coffee/cappucino, and juices as well.  I had orange juice with my breakfast tacos. Gina Castillo's home-made green tomatillo salsa is available to add to your meal and really adds some kick and flavour to it all.  Mmmm!!!

First of all the Chorizio is quite spicy and flavourful.  Plenty of Chili powder, cumin and other seasonings, and sweet pork flavour with a kick.  The white steamed flour tortillas and cheese balance it nicely.  A real winner if you love spicy chorizio.  Second of all, the Migas was wonderful.  It was like an omeltte in a tortilla with cruncy to it from the crispy tortilla strips added to the eggs.  I was very satisfied with my breakfast and I understood WHY the place is always busy every morning I have gone there. 

I won't be grading the ambience, as it follows standard taqueria setups with colourful tables and walls, ethnic decorations and such. 

The Foodie Professor's Report Card on Tejas Taco House:

Chorizio Breakfast Taco: A
Migas Breakfast Taco: A+

     Speed:  B+
     Friendliness: A
Cleanliness: A-

Overall Grade: A-

One location only:

9545 Town Park Dr (SE Corner of Corporate and Town Park)
Houston, TX  77036

And remember:

Eat Happy!!!
Zao an, Y'all!!!

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