Friday, December 30, 2011

Recipe: Fortified Canadian Coffee

As Winter continues I have mused to myself about topics such as Winter Comfort Food.  However, we cannot forget various beverages that are known for being comforting in Winter or in general.  Sheldon Cooper on "The Big Bang Theory" was taught my his mother than any time a friend or family member comes over late and is upset, you should make them a hot beverage like cocoa, hot tea or coffee.

Of course one thing that is usually nice in winter is to give the hot beverage a little kick by adding various mixable elixirs to them to help them warm you more and maybe give you a pleasant buzz.  Hot Cocoa can be fortified with Rum, Irish Creme Liqueur or Coffee Liqueur.  Egg Nog can be served hot with rum or bourbon.  And there are all kinds of fortified coffees out there, which usually involve some kind of sweet liqueur or whiskey.

A lot of folks are very partial to Irish Coffee (A cup of black coffee with a shot of Irish Whiskey mixed in)  like they serve at Durty Nelly's on the Riverwalk in San Antonio.  Plenty of folks in the Caribbean or Mexico will add a shot of Rum to hot or iced coffee.  Being that I am a Hockey Nerd and a Canada Nerd as well as a Food Nerd, I figured I could come up with a Canadian spin on Fortified Coffee.  The only thing is, I couldn't come up with a catchy name (Crowned Maple Coffee?  A Canadian in Winter? A Hot Hoser?).  If you can come up with a clever name for this Canadian Concoction, please feel free to Email Me.  In the meantime, here is your Beverage Blueprint:

Fortified Canadian Coffee:

Ingredients for this beverage :)
  • 1 12 oz mug of freshly brewed Tim Horton's, Nabob, Blenz, Take 5, JJ Bean's, Second Cup Ltd, or other Canadian brand of coffee
  • 1 Shot of Crown Royal, Gibson's Finest, Yukon Jack, Canadian Club, Seagrams/Seagrams VO or other fine Canadian Whisky
  • 2 to 4 Tablespoons of Real Maple Syrup that says "Product of Canada" somewhere on the label.  Adjust to your taste
  • Half and Half or Heavy Cream to your taste
  1. Mix the maple syrup in the freshly brewed coffee and stir thoroughly. 
  2. Add the Whisky before adding the cream if you want the flavour with a bit less alcohol buzz.  Add the cream before the Whisky if you want a bit more alcohol buzz. 
  3. Enjoy!!!
You can vary the amount of whisky you use, or if you take your coffee black you can skip the cream.  Personally it's the mixture of all 4 ingredients that give this beverage its best flavour and character. 

NOTE: ALWAYS excercise good judgement and responsibility when drinking any alcoholic beverage.  Do not drink large amounts this beverage and drive, operate heavy machinery, Tweet, Blog, Text, Dial or go to an Ex's places, go home with a person you do not know, etc. 

Again, if anyone--especially if you are a Canadian Reader--can come up with a clever name for this beverage, please submit it to me.  Also, I'm not claiming that I am the inventor of this beverage.  Someone else may have already done it but I've never seen it before so what's the harm in sharing, right?

And remember:

Eat Happy!!!
Zao an, Ya'll!!!

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LeD'z said...

I would like to give it a try, im not canadian but i wanna try different taste with my coffee
Fresh roasted coffee