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Review: Little Bigs Burgers Montrose & Westheimer

A lot of folks were bummed when Krystal Burger closed their only Houston Location on FM 1960 a few years ago.  However, Slider burgers (little mini burgers on sweet Hawaiian style rolls) have been gaining popularity and have been offered by mainstream fast food restaurants like Burger King or Denny's.  Still one of the things that you usually see in a Krystal or White Castle Burger is that they are late night places and those who love them will eat them by the sackful.  Since Lower Montrose is gaining more and more late night locations, and is a place to see and be seen, Little Big's Burgers has opened and looks to be capturing some of that late night Slider Magic in a more gourmet form.  My Candian Friends note:  this is NOT President's Choice Frozen Sliders!!!!

But first, a little background!  Per their website:
Little Bigs (opened in 2009) is a burger joint and wine bar from Bryan Caswell and Bill Floyd, the owners of REEF, the seafood restaurant featuring primarily Gulf Coast catch and recently named The #1 Seafood Restaurant in the U.S. by Bon Appétit Magazine. And the name, Little Bigs? Well, the story goes like this: Bryan Caswell’s father (aka Pops) had two uncles – two uncles who looked nothing alike. One was a really, really big guy who was very soft-spoken; the other was a small, scrappy guy who was a real spitfire. Uncle #1, the big one, was always called Big Little Man and Uncle #2, the little one, was always called Little Big Man – a really big man in a really small package…the real inspiration behind the name for the little burgers with the really big taste.
Little Big's menu includes patties made from beef, spicy chicken, black bean and pulled pork.  They also offer Salads, 4 Minute Fries, milk shakes and Frozen Treats, one called "The Dude" which is a White Russian Milkshake.  After hearing about that one, knowing how WORTHY it is, I'm going to have to ABIDE and decided to pay this place a proper visit.

I came out one afternoon and ordered 3--one of the regular beef, plus one each of the spicy chicken, and pulled pork.  I also ordered their 4 Minute Fries and The Dude.  So without further blathering... Man.... Sir.... here are your food blueprints:

Beef Slider: 
100% Beef, caramlized onions, pickles, American Cheese--I added lettuce, tomato and Srirachi Mayo from the fixings bar

Spicy Chicken Slider:
Spicy Chicken patty, pickles, American Cheese--I added lettuce, tomato and Srirachi Mayo from the fixings bar

Pulled Pork Slider:
Pulled Carolina Style Pork (12 hours smoked), cole slaw,  American Cheese--I added lettuce, tomato and Srirachi Mayo from the fixings bar

4 Minute Fries:
Natural cut potatoes Cooked in house, nice and cruncy

The Dude:
A White Russian Flavoured Milk Shake made with Katz's Coffee, Kahlua and Wine
The Dude Shake, All Three Sliders (beef, chicken, pulled pork) and 4 Min Fries

First of all after one sip of the White Russian shake known as "The Dude"--I'll Abide like Jeffrey Lebowski said, but would like it with real Vodka in it a little better.  Still it was very good as is.

The 3 sliders I had were all equally tasty.  I loved the beef slider with the sweet and tangy caramelized onions.  The spicy crispy chicken slider was tasty and as advertised.  The pulled pork was moist, smokey and sweet.  The 4 minute fries were very crunchy, slightly salty, and tasted as though they'd been cooked in peanut oil.  Some of the best fries I've had in a while at a new restaurant.

I really like their Srirachi Mayonnaise--a LOT.  It has a nice mixture of creamy and spicy.  Gives a very nice kick to all three of their sandwiches.  It also makes a perfect dip for their 4 Minute Fries.

I wanna find one of these here tokens!!!

The Foodie Professor's Report Card for Little Big's Montrose:

Beef Slider: A
Chicken Slider: A-
Pulled Pork Slider: A+
4 Minute Fries: A
The Dude: A+
            Speed: A
            Friendliness: A
Atmosphere: A- (like a high end fast food joint)
Cleanliness: A-

Overall Grade: Solid A 

There are 2 Locations of Little Bigs (see below).

One last comment:  Little Big's Montrose location is in the same spot as Big Frank's was.  Big Frank's was local hot dog joint that at one time had 3 locations--Montrose, Richmond Ave and Kirby Dr.   I went to the one on Montrose about 21 years ago when I first moved to Houston to attend Rice University.  I had my first authentic Vienna Beef Chicago Style Hot Dog there.  My kid's Uncle was on their Wall of Fame for eating 3 1lb Chicago Style Hot dogs even.  There used to be 3 locations of Big Frank's, but they're now gone to the sands of Houston History.  I'm glad Little Big's has been thriving there for the past few years and I will be back.

Little Bigs – Montrose
703 Montrose Blvd @ Westheimer
713-521-BIGS (2447)

Little Bigs – Hermann Park
1600 Zoo Circle Drive - on the Lake
between the Zoo and the Kinder Train Station

And remember:
Eat Happy!!!
Zao an, Y'all!!!

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