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June Odds and Ends

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June is here!  6 day's till I hit the big 44 (my birthday in other words).  I've gotten some of the usual free food and discount coupons jamming my Email inbox (and I thank all the places that do stuff like that, knowing how loss-leaders work economically).  I've gotten a few announcements here and there and yonder, and some ideas for the month ahead, so readers, let's get to it!!!

1.  Freddy's Frozen Custard Opens in Houston on June 12th!!!

 Freddy's Frozen Custard & Steakburgers at 15518 FM 529 (a/k/a Spencer Road) in Houston, Copperfiled area, will open it's doors on Tuesday, June 12th, and I for one can't be happier.  This company has a great menu of steakburgers, frozen custard (including concretes as well as specialty flavours) and other great treats.  I will definitely be trying their frozen custard and adding my thoughts to my previous look at 5 other Houston Custard sellers.  While it seems that we're mainly getting frozen custard places out in the suburbs, all of us business types know that with restaurants location matters and it is my hope that this location succeeds.

2.  Coal Burger in the Woodlands Closes

I was disappointed that this project Coal Burger from the folks who gave us the wonderful Grimaldi's coal-fired pizza did not pan out in The Woodlands.  I think the main issue was the architecture of the building was odd, the frontage was not easily visible, and the owners did not do enough to promote it.  This location was propped by several local foodies, including Albert Nurick (HTownChowdown) and myself.  The word is that Grimaldi's will take over the space to expand.  That Grimaldi's is not very efficiently laid out--confusing internal architecture, and this may help with that.  From what I've also heard, their other location in Scottsdale, Arizona are still going strong.  It kind of goes to show how cut throat restaurant competition is here in the Houston area.    Personally, I liked their concept as a Green restaurant, and I loved that they served Boylan's Soda--no High Fructose Corn Syrup there!  Oh wells...

3.  June is Men's Health Month--Travaasa Spa Resort in Austin has a Manly Spa Deal

(c) Travaasa Austin
Opened April 14, 2011,  Travaasa Austin is a Resort and Spa Located in Hill Country only 25 minutes from Austin. It's nestled against 210 acres of the Balcones Canyonlands Preserve, overlooking beautiful Lake Travis. It has 70 guestrooms tucked into a low-key campus-style layout, allowing resort guests to soak in the natural habitat in an unobtrusive setting. The property offers extensive programming based on five pillars: adventure, culinary, culture, fitness and wellness; and includes horse stables, a challenge course designed in partnership with Outward Bound, a fitness center and yoga studio, an infinity-edge pool, a beautifully appointed dining area with outdoor patio and exhibition kitchen, a tranquil 11-room spa and gracious accommodations.

For Men's Health Month, they have designed a series of signature programming to celebrate men’s health targeted to focus on their physique, pastimes and palates. There’s Texas-flavor to the programming featuring:

Beer Tasting 101
Grilling and Smoking with the Travaasa Culinary Team
Discover your Six Pack: Core Fitness
Conquer the Prickly Pear Challenge Course
Introducing: New Men’s Spa Menu and Line of Products

Rates at Travaasa Austin begin at $113 per person, per night based on double occupancy. For additional information or reservations, please visit their website in the link above.  And guys, I think that your special lady would not mind going with you to this place AND you get to learn about Beer Tasting and Grilling, or that other stuff if it suits you.

4.  Craft Beer Challenge Coming Along

Buffalo Bayou
Chai Porter Pint
Several of you have emailed me and asked how my Craft Beer Challenge is going.  Thus far I've got 24 beers on my list at the Flying Saucer Sugar Land.  I've discovered some new favourite beers, like the (512) Pecan Porter, the Breckenridge Thunder Stout, Wells Banana Bread and the Buffalo Bayou Brewing Co.'s Chai Porter (which is the best of the bunch I've tried--it's like Guiness Stout mated with a high end Chai Latté and they had a deliciously drinkable Baby Beer!).  There was also one that was awful, but not everyone is going to like every kind of craft beer out there, and that's fine.  I'm only 12.5% of the way to 200 though.  And I'm not doing this with Speed in mind, I'm doing it with quality, not quantity or guzzling or drunkenness as a goal.  I've arranged that page so my most recent 4 beers and count are always on top, so that regular visitors don't have to scroll down to far to find the new stuff.  This has been an interesting trip thus far, and although I consider myself a bit of a fan of local craft beer, I've discovered some taps I've never heard of before and I've had some fun along the way.

Well, that's it for now, readers!

And Remember:
Eat Happy!!!!
Zao an, Y'all!!!

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