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Review: Guru Burgers in Sugar Land Town Square

My son, Jason, and I had recently visited the Saint Arnold's Brewery and he said he wanted a burger--a really good burger.  While we thought about some of our favourite places he said "Dad, are there any new places you've heard about that have a good burger?" and I remembered hearing about Guru Burgers and Crepes online.  A quick check on the internet for location via my smartphone and we were cruising southwest down 59 to Sugar Land.

As most of y'all know, I am all about good burgers--well, all about good food and drink in general--but I especially love a good burger.  Something about a well cooked beef, turkey, lamb, buffalo or pork patty, with cheese, veggies, seasonings, and other such toppings on a doughy bun that makes me think comfort and satisfaction.  Pair it up with a a cold Craft beer on draught, and I want to start singing a Jimmy Buffet song--but I won't since he sues those who allegedly violate his trademarks.  Anyhoo, Sugar Land Town Square is boasting another great Houston area burger joint right across the street from my favourite watering hole The Flying Saucer Draught Emporium and right next door to a fave Asian Fusion place called BLU.  Guru Burgers and Crepes is its name, and this high end, semi-hip burger joint and crepery impressed me with good quality meat and cheese, high end toppings, and satisfying selections 
Hip inside, reminds me of places on
Denman Street in Vancouver's  West End

First of all Guru's burgers are made from Akaushi (a/k/a American Kobe) Beef--like they use at The Burger Guys.  This buttery, sweet ,tender beef is a favourite of mine, and theirs is well seasoned, quite juicy and right up there.  Akaushi is actually a healthier quality of beef as well as a better tasting quality of beef too, so I won't argue with that choice.  They also have lamb, chicken, buffalo, salmon and portobello options as well. Per their website:

We like to think of burgers and crepes as very healthy foods. The secret is in choosing the right ingredients. Lean organic grass-fed beef, cage-free chicken, roaming buffalo, wild elk or salmon patties are awesome and lean sources of protein.

Stop.  You had me at beef.

Pancho Burger--Stop drooling, readers!
FYI: their burgers come in 3 sizes:  Slider (3 oz), Regular (6 oz) and Double (12 oz--two 6 oz patties).  You have a choice of breads: Twist Roll (sweet, like Hawaiian roll), Whole Wheat, or Gluten-free.  You can also go bunless and have it wrapped in lettuce.  Jason chose a kids sized slider cheeseburger, while I had the Pancho Burger.  We also shared a large plate of natural cut fries that were tossed in truffle oil and sea salt.   So without further ado, here is your Burger Blueprint:

Pancho Burger: 
Grass-fed texas akaushi beef
Local jalapeño bacon 
Pepper jack Cheese
Roasted jalapeno
Home made guacamole 
Roma tomatoes
Bibb lettuce
Pickles made in the restaurant

Jason enjoying his slider
and fries
This was a very good burger.  The beef was sweet, buttery and had a nice mix of savoury seasoning in the patty.  The bacon was crunchy, sweet and had a spicy kick that sneaked up on you.  The roasted jalapeños added a little more heat--but it was good heat, not unpleasant, and went well with the hot, stringy, gooey pepper jack cheese.  The whole wheat bun was fluffy, held the burger together well as I noshed on it and had some wheat kernels in it--very tasty and grainy.  The natural cut fries may have been fried in peanut oil, as they were very crunchy, not limp like some of the other natural cut fries I've had at other places.  Jason gave two thumbs up to his slider--he really liked how the cheddar cheese was gooey and stringy, and also said the fries were fresh, crunchy and made him want to eat the whole big plate.  Overall a very satisfying meal.  

One additional comment:  Sorry Five Guys, but you're now at Number 17--Guru Burger is now Number 10 on the list and some of the others will have to shift down.  No worries though--everyone is still all good with me and I'll still be coming around to all of those on the list.  

Natural Cut Fries in Truffle Oil
Guru burger has some interesting canvas artwork, that includes quotes from various "Gurus"--such as one of my favourites--Bruce Lee.  It has the quote about what water can do, from The Tao of Jeet Kune Do.  Very cool.  They are also an active partner with several local craft breweries, most notably Houston local craft breweries: Saint Arnold, Buffalo Bayou Brewing, Karbach, No Label Brewing and Southern Star.  The local breweries have the majority of the tap and menu space; and they even sell tap beer to go in "Growler" 32 oz and 64 oz bottles with stoppers.  Kudos on local businesses supporting each other!

We were too full to try any of their crepes, but I noticed they serve banana-nutella crepes like I saw at Honey Honey crepery in San Francisco last year.  I sense another visit in the near future.  So says HankOnFood, the Foodie Guru/Professor!

Quotes from Gurus behind another hungry diner
Report card for Guru Burgers and Crepes:
Pancho Burger: A+
Kid's Cheeseburger: A+
Natural Cut French Fries in Truffle Oil: A
     Friendliness: A
     Speed:  A
     Dining area: A
     Men's Room: A-
Atmosphere (Hip Urban/Suburban Dining Establishment): A
Overall Grade:  A

Guru Burgers is located in Sugar Land Town Square at
2268 Texas Drive, Sugar Land, TX
(281) 313-0026 ‎

And remember to do like the Foodie Guru:  Eat Happy, Y'all!!!

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4 comments: said...

So glad you enjoyed Guru! It is now a family favorite for us. Hubby just picked up a growler on our last visit, so I guess that means we're really regulars now!

Save room for dessert next time (though I know it's hard!), and try the Yin-Yang crepe. Oh-my-heavenly-fried-Oreo-goodness!

Professor Hank said...


It was indeed quite good! I will probably visit next time and only get crepes. I may consider the growler since Buffalo Bayou isn't selling bottles or cans in local stores as yet. I just worry about how well it will be sealed.

Hank L. said...

Hubby says the seal on the growler was excellent -- his wheat ale lasted well in there for several days.

Professor Hank said...

That's good to know. It'd probably be gone in the rest of the week from sharing with neighbor/brother.