Monday, October 29, 2012

Old Favourite Review: Rudi Lechner's Restaurant & Bar

As Oktoberfest is drawing to a close, a friend of mine sent me some information about a relatively newer Biergarten and German food place in the area.  While I immediately wanted to check it out, I paused and realized that I had not been to an old favourite in that same vein in a couple of years--I'm talking one of the Original German restaurants by the name of Rudi Lechner's.   This is the original place where you could go to get Bierschnitzel, Hungarian Ghoulash and down a Litre of Spaten Optimator while enjoying red pickled cabbage and spaetzel.  I'd been to a couple of Oktoberfest dinners there before and thoroughly enjoyed the food and the German Music, not to mention noticed the packed house and the need for reservations.

So after feeling a bit of a twinge of guilt for not paying Rudi Lechner's a visit in a few years, I made a couple of phone calls, got reservations and went out to enjoy a hefty mug of Spaten and a taste of Germany that's hard to find in Texas outside of New Braunfels.  Suffice it to say, the House was packed, the Beer flowed, two old Dudes in Lederhosen playing an accordion and a guitar cranked out Polka-esque versions of Ghost Riders in the Sky, and I found that Rudi Lechner's was as good as I'd remembered it and then some.

Our party noshed on some pumpkin pumpernickel and crusty bread while I enjoyed a Spaten Optimator beer.  We settled on some Hungarian Ghoulash (an interesting beef stew) with noodles, some Bierschnitzel (breaded, fried pork chop served on mustard sauce) with spaetzel (tastes a little like macaroni and cheese), and some Wienerwurst (looks like long skinny hot dogs) with fries.  We also had pickled red cabbage on the side.

The Ghoulash was savoury, beefy and in a rich sauce.  The noodles were nice and had a tasty sauce.  The Bierschnitzel was quite delicious--savoury, crispy outside, hot and juicy The twang of the beer worked well with it.  The Weinerwurst was like a Vienna hot dog-long and curved, normally served on a hard roll in Amsterdam or New York, but instead on a plate with steak fries.  Overall a fine German meal.

Rudi's atmosphere during Oktoberfest on a Friday night is quite festive.  We had a lot of fun listening to the German music--those two old dudes really knew how to work the Polka-pop fusion.  Although it was busy, the service was well timed in general and callbacks came through as they should have.

Report Card for Rudi Lechner's: 
     Ghoulash: A-
     Bierschnitzel: A
     Wienerwurst: B+
     Cabbage/Spaetzel/Noodles: B

     Speed:  A-
     Friendliness: A

     Dining Room: A
     Men's Room: B+

Atmosphere (German Biergarten): A

Overall Grade:  A-

Rudi Lechners is located at:
2503 S.Gessner
Houston TX 77063

Hours of Operation
Mon-Sat 11:00am-10:00pm
Closed Sundays

And Remember to Eat Happy, Y'all!!!
Und vergisst zu essen gerne alle von Ihnen!!!

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