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Review: BRC Gastropub's Brunch

Back in April of this year I reviewed BRC Gastropub's Tillamook Sharp Cheddar Chili Dog Burger as a part of Tillamook Burger week in Houston.  I've gone back there a few times since then and enjoyed weekend brunches there, but a friend recently called to my attention I'd never taken time to show their brunch any love--especially their BadASS Biscuits and Bacon Jam--and I am now correcting this oversight!

A lot of us are recovering from our post-Thanksgiving Turkey-induced tryptophan comas and at the point we are sick and tired of turkey sandwiches, casseroles, and so forth.  BRC was actively promoting its brunch over the Black Friday weekend online, and  as an avid supporter of Small Business Saturday, I felt that BRC would be the best place to go for a nice brunch and to support one of my favourite local joints for good food and cheeky humour.  More on that part later.

Brunchsters at the bar while Tracy the
Food Mechanic takes care of Business
It was a nice sunny Saturday morning when I came out--parking over on Shepherd at Blossom was not at all difficult.  I saw a young hipster couple on the patio with their little dog nursing a couple of Mimosas and reading The Houston Press as I walked in.  The place had its usual Saturday morning brunch crowd all chit-chatting and ready for some chow.

Tracy, my server, was decked out in the usual BRC gear that reminds you a bit of a mechanic, but these folks are FOOD MECHANICS--and they fix it for you just right!  Tracy was quick to let me know about a couple of off the menu specials.  I don't agree with Jerry Seinfeld's assessment that specials are only special if they're on the menu.  In fact I feel quite the opposite.  Often a chef will experiment with new dishes via specials and if given good feedback, they end up on the menu.  Other times, off the menu items will be prepared on an ad hoc basis for the long-term customers of a restaurant and knowing them puts you in the category of a good customer.  Look how Starbucks and In-N-Out have worked secret menus over the years, eh?  The item for today I selected was a Four Cheese Spinach Omelette (Cheddar, Gruyere, Pepper Jack and Goat's Milk cheeses).  I had it with their breakfast potatoes and a BadASS Biscuit with Bacon Jam.

First of all dear readers, I did you and BRC Gastropub a gross disservice by not touting their BadASS biscuits served with a cheddar spread and a sweet Bacon Chile jam.  This stuff is DA BOMB!  The biscuits are crunchy outside, soft inside and the cheddar spread, bacon jam added to them makes them as Barney Stinson would say Legen-Wait For It-Dary!!! Heck, the Bacon Jam alone is worth the trip to BRC, and they sell it in Pint Jars for $15.00.  Where else but the cheeky BRC will you find a spread that is sweety, meaty and delicious, loaded with bacon?  I hear crickets.

The omelette was smooth, very cheesy, and the four distinct flavours and textures created a party for my tastebuds.  The spinach tasted freshly sauteed and had the proper Spinach twang that Popeye the Sailor would strongly approve of!  Well Blow Me Down!  Ugg-Ugg-Ugg-Ugg-Ugg-Ugg!!!  The breakfast potatoes are well-seasoned, crispy on the outside and a little chewy on the inside.  The dish was complete with some fresh blackberries and raspberries on the side to get a small dose of fruit and fibre at your breakfast.  The staff was attentive and friendly, but not overly pandering or obsequious, which suits me just fine any time.

They also had a good sense of humour about my foodtography and getting a few laughs over their cheeky humour in the menu and on the wall by the hostess station. If you've not been there, you will see what looks like a bunch of kids' flashcards with a number of double-entendres that will give you more than a few laughs.  The Houston Heights/Washington Avenue area has a lot of great places for weekend brunches, and I count BRC as one of the best.  Just be advised that some patrons have a tendency to wear low-rise jeans and when they sit at the bar, you'll get another dose of cheeky that you had not bargained on!  (singing) Moon over Houston bring my grub to me today...

Since I've reviewed BRC Gastropub before, I'll just state the BadASS Biscuits are an A, the Bacon Jam is an A+++ and the Four Cheese Omelette is an A+ as well.  If you've not ventured out to see this place in the Heights, you do not know what you're missing.  Even Grego on NewsFix with Channel 39 gave them a great review in their "Chew On This" Segment!  

BRC Gastropub is located in The Heights at:
519 Shepherd Drive (corner of Shepherd and Blossom)
Houston, TX 77007

Lunch: Monday thru Frriday 11 AM to 2 PM
Dinner: Saturday thru Sunday 5 PM til last person leaves
Brunch: Weekends, 10 AM to 2 PM
Happy Hour: Monday thru Friday 4 PM to 6 PM.

And remember to Eat Happy, Y'all!!!

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