Friday, January 11, 2013

Review: Dessert Gallery in Upper Kirby

Ahh Dessert!!! Who doesn't love good sweets to eat after a great meal or to just enjoy with a cup of coffee?  This blogger certainly does.  After a recent visit to Kata Robata, I found a lovely little bakery and dessert shop in the same Strip Mall called Dessert Gallery.  I was too full for dessert at the time, but I did pick up some for myself and my kids to enjoy later.  And enjoy those items we did!!!

Their menu has a wonderful selection of cakes, pies and so forth.  They also have sandwiches and they do catering as well.  However, I had individual desserts on my mind, and I saw some awesome looking Houston Texans cookies (GO TEXANS!!! BEAT THE PATS!!!) and those were my first to go selections.  I also saw brownies that were half blondies that I knew my son would enjoy, so I picked one of them as well.  Additionally I picked a white chocolate dipped Macademia Nut cookie for my daughter and for all of us to share, I picked two Triple Chocolate cupcakes (dark, white and milk) that were filled with chocolate ganache.  Magnificent!!!

We first tried a Triple Chocolate Cupcake--we cut it into thirds as one of these would send even a non-Diabetic into Sugar Shock I believe!  But I will tell you, it was GOOOOOOD.  Very chocolatey, rich, moist and satisfying.  Best gourmet cupcake I've had in a while.  And I will admit it was quite pretty to look at before it was utterly decimated by me and my 2 hungry kids!!!  A day later we had the Texans cookies while watching them beat the Cincinatti Bungles... ERRR... BENGALS (Just kidding Susan Kim--tell your hubby it was just a joke!).  These are nice sugar cookies, they do look great.  They taste okay, not spectacular, but  still quite good.  Great for any Texans viewing party or Tailgate party in my humble opinion.  Nice job guys!

Two days later, I came to find out that My 8 year old son gobbled up the Monkey Bar (Half blondie, half brownie, with nuts, caramel and other good stuff) before I could take a picture of it!  He said with a full mouth it was "DEE LUSCIOUS!!!"  My 10 year old daughter had more self control.  She let me take a photo of the White Chocolate dipped Macadamia nut cookie for y'all (see on the right) and gave be a piece of the cookie to sample as well.  This is wayyyyy better than the cookies you get at the mall folks, and thank goodness for that.

Although this visit to the Kirby location was somewhat of a dessert impulse, the sandwich menu looked very good to me and I may have to come back for a visit to try something savoury rather than sweet.  I also liked how the cakes looked, and figured they'd have to taste pretty good based upon the other baked goods we tried.  If I'm ever needing to order a birthday or wedding cake, or a cake for a special occasion, I will consider them and if it's good, they'll get another write up from yours truly.

Report Card for The Dessert Gallery:

     Triple Chocolate Cupake: A+
     Texans Sugar Cookies: A-
     Monkey Bar: A (per Jason, not me)
     White Chocolate Dipped Cookie: A
     Speed: A
     Friendliness: A+
     Kitchen/Dining Area: A
     Men's Room: Incomplete

Ovearall Grade: A 

Dessert Gallery is located at:

3600 Kirby Drive at Richmond
Houston, TX 77098
Ph 713.522.9999
Fax 713.522.5511

Store Hours:
Mon-Thurs 11am-10pm
Fri-Sat 11am-midnight
Sun Noon-10pm

And remember to Eat Happy, Y'all!!!

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