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Review: Roznovsky's Hamburgers in Oak Forest

Sometimes you just want a good burger, without the frou-frou fuss, but you don't want fast food either.  That's my starting point for talking about a place with the tagline "It's A Burger Thing", the 40 year old Houston Burger joint known as Rosnovsky's Hamuburgers.  My daughter and I were cruising around the Heights and Oak Forest on a sunny Houston afternoon, when she said "I want to get a good cheeseburger, but it doesn't need to be fancy."  It so happened we were passing by a blue and white building on W 34th with a sign that jumped out at us that had the word "Hamburgers" on a sign near it.  Although at first I bristled, I reminded myself that there are A LOT of great burgers that are served up at fairly run of the mill looking places.  It made my remember an old hang out in my Baylor Grad School Days called George's, and so we shuffled in and chatted up the friendly older gentleman with a Moustache and a collection of Gimme Caps nailed to the wall.

In some ways stepping into that place was like stepping back in time about 30 years.  The plastic backlighted menu board with the plastic letters, the Beer and Soda Mirrors on the walls, the Taxadermed Bobcat and the Longhorns near the ceiling of the entrance--all echo an earlier time . Their menu is simple and straightforward--hamburgers, cheeseburgers, double versions of them, home made chili, frito pie, chicken tenders, steak fingers and even a shrimp po-boy or a fried catfish basked.  All served with various Coca-Cola Products, bottled beer like Shiner Bock and home-made lemonade.  They also have a kids menu as well--smaller burgers for the little ones.  One whiff of the griddle cooking beef and we ordered up a lazy afternoon lunch.

Beefy Double Cheeseburger at Roznovsky's
I ordered a double-meat, double-cheeseburger with bacon and jalapeno peppers, with a Dr. Pepper.  My daughter got a kids' cheeseburger (ketchup and cheese only) with fries, lemonade and a chocolate chip cookie.  These burgers were served on fluffy white bread buns, made fresh to order and were juicy, beefy and quite good.  They were very generous with the bacon on the burger, I might add--I pulled a piece off for my daughter and still had plenty left for myself.  The burger had the veggies on the bottom, the cheese was properly gooey and melted, and it was a very satisfying meal on this particular day.  My daughter doesn't always wolf down her food, but in this case, she did--apparently she was not only quite hungry, but quite happy with the meal.  She especially liked the lemonade--said it tasted very fresh, not powdered.  It was served from a small Igloo container with a tab--the fella behind the counter said they'd make a few batches every day.

I think she likes the cheeseburger at Roznovsky's! 
While we were dining, several members of the Roznovsky family came in and chatted with my daughter along with the other customers.  While this went on I noted they'd been sponsoring a local little league baseball team for a number of years, quite proudly and a couple of searches turned up the fact that this little joint has been around for 40 years.  I'm not surprised given how patient and kind the Roznovsky's were with my girl.  No, it's not fancy or gourmet, but it is fresh, it is delicious and you can't beat the friendly service of Ron & Debby Roznovsky, and family.  My daughter said it was  "just the kind of burger you'd look for on a road trip in a little town on the way to elsewhere during a leisurely lunch, but it's right here in the big city of Houston."  I couldn't put it better myself.

Report Card for Roznovsky's Hamburgers:
Don't Judge a Book by its Cover, Y'all!!! 
Food & Beverage:
     Double Meat Double Cheeseburger: A-
     Kids' Cheeseburger: A
     Fries:  B+
     Lemonade: A
     Friendliness: A+
     Speed: A
     Dining Area: A
     Kitchen/Counter Area: A
     Restrooms:  Incomplete

Overall Grade: A-

Roznovsky's Hamburgers is located at:
3401 West T.C. Jester at 34th Street
Houston, Texas 77018
Mon - Fri: 11:00 am - 9:00 pm
Sat: 11:00 am - 5:00 pm

Eat Happy Y'all!!!


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