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Burger Friday: Just Burgers on Louetta & Stuebner Airline

Another week, another chance to find another good, great or awesome Houston Burger.  This week, I was told by a colleague of mine about a place across from the new Klein High School called Just Burgers.  Their tagline is "Best Burger Ever, no Bull!!!" All right, that sounds nice.  But what about the product itself?  According to various online sources, Chef Ambrose Pineda and his lovely wife know their way around beef, and have put together a well seasoned, meaty, juicy burger, served on Pretzel Buns, which most locals in the Champions area really enjoy.  Okay then!  That was enough to convince me--honestly no arm twisting was needed.  My colleague, Allen Margoitta from Lone Star College and my son Jason were hungry too, so we made our way east on Louetta in search of beef on a bun.'

We use White Boards at
Lone Star College, but this
is cool, too!
One of the first things that jumps out at you when you enter this non-descript storefront is the love these folks have for our hometown HOUSTON TEXANS!!! You have a small diner style place, set up much like The Burger Guys in Westchase, with a chalkboard menu with a bunch of creatively named theme burgers. The one that hits you in the face is the Slap Yo' Mama Burger: Cheddar Cheese, Ancho Mayo, BBQ Sauce, Onion Ring & Tabasco on it.  All burgers are either 1/2 or 1/3 pound, and you can double the patty for extra.  They also have a Kids Menu for those with smaller appetites.  All the adult burgers are served on a fresh baked Pretzel Bun.  The kids burgers are served on a standard white bread bun.  They also have a great selection of shakes and a deep fried Oreo cookie Sundae Too.  I'm feeling full just reading that menu, folks.  Time to get full for real.

Go Texans
Allen and I both decided a 1/3 lb. California Burger (served with Pepper Jack Cheese and sliced Avocado, along with your choice of other fixins--I went with Mayo, Mustard, Lettuce, Tomato, Pickle, Grilled Onions, Jalapeños and paid extra for some bacon on it). Jason went with the Kids Burger (which looked to be about 1/4 lb) with his usual American Cheese and ketchup (I am trying to get that boy to add tomato and lettuce to his burger and nix the Ketchup, but he's not hearing of it). We got these as combos with a soda and house cut fries. What was the result? Good eating was the general consensus with our bunch.

A lot of food writers and eaters are now turning their noses up at Pretzel Buns because a bunch of the Fast Food and Fast Casual Chains are now incorporating what was once the purview of the small bistros and gourmet burger joints.  I say I still like it--it's hearty, reminds me of a bagel sort of and is still great at holding in the contents of a good burger.  Those Fast Food Pretzel buns aren't as dense as the local bakery's version, and the contents held within the bun (meat, cheese, etc.) are not as good as what you get from local places either.  Plus, imitation is the best form of flattery, but is no substitute for the real thing.  The beef is juicy, cooked through but not burned, a little salty and full of beefy goodness. The Cheese had a nice spicy kick to it plus Chef Ambrose used raw jalapeños, not pickled so I got another dose of capsicum and heat there.  The Avacado was proudly displayed on top, sliced nicely, very fresh and creamy.  The other salad ingredients and the sauce were on the bottom--I know Alison Cook would approve of that--and were fresh and proper.  The fries were just fine--hard to mess those up, but a few places have.  Not Just Burgers though.  Not at all.  Allen was happy with his iteration of this burger, and my son said his was meaty and satisfying.  3 Happy Burger Eating Fellas indeed.  

Report Card for Just Burgers:
Burger Contest--ask the Staff for Details

     California Burger: A
     Kids Cheeseburger: A
     House-cut Fries:  A
     Friendliness: A+
     Speed: A-
     Dining Area: A-
     Kitchen:  A-
     Men's Room: Incomplete
Atmosphere (Texans Themed Diner): B 
(Note:  The day we visitined, the air conditioning was on the blink, staff said it would be fixed later that day)

Overall Grade:  A-

Just Burgers is located at:

16724 Stuebner Airline Rd
Spring, Texas 77379

Hours of Operation
Monday - Saturday
10am - 9pm
Closed Sunday

Eat Happy, Ya'll and GO HOUSTON TEXANS!!!

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