Friday, January 24, 2014

Review: Jersey Mike's Subs

Houston has a target placed on it by several national chains as ripe for expansion.  In the past year, Dunkin Donuts opened up a Baker's Dozen and other national chains are either giving Houston a serious look or are giving Houston another chance despite previous failings.  While some folks will turn their noses up at a Chain, I've enjoyed good food at some chain outlets.  Despite the shrinkage of Quizno's and the dominance of Subway, there are plenty of Sandwich Places in Houston that do well, be it regional chains like Jason's Deli and Schlotzsky's as well as totally local shops like Mainely Sandwiches and Local Foods.  Recently Delaware-based Capriotti's got a toe-hold in Sugar Land, and there I had a great cheesesteak.  After that, I made a mental note to try some new places for cheesesteaks when I got the chance and that led me to stop recently at a Jersey Mike's Subs off of FM 1960 near Fallbrook.  What I found was a pretty good sandwich shop with a bunch of choices!

Their menu is full of a nice mix of cold and hot subs as well as wraps and salads.You want genuine Italian American style subs with provolone, ham, cappacuolo?  They got it! You want an Italian sub with Provolone, ham, prosciuttini, cappacuolo, salami and pepperoni?   That's the #13!  You want a Turkey/Bacon club, you want Tuna, or even a Veggie-cheese sammy?  BOOM!  They got 'em all!  Served on Italian baguette rolls, in wraps or in salads, they have you covered several ways.  They even have small kids' subs if they're tagging along with you due to a weather holiday in Houston or anywhere else.  However, on this cold yet sunny day, I was craving a hot, spicy cheesesteak, and was ecstatic to find a nice selection of hot sandwiches including Meatball, Chicken Parmesan and 3 different kinds of cheesesteaks.

So you want a cheesesteak, the choices are the famous Philly, made with steak or chicken, grilled onions and peppers; the Chipotle with same meat choices, cheese and chipotle mayo; or the one I went for called The Big Kahuna: wjth the same meat choices, grilled onions and peppers plus mushrooms, jalapeños and extra cheese!  Any of these can also include hot peppers if you wish, and I most certainly did.  The fella took my order and I sat and waited while he grilled up the ingredients.  He came over and set an aluminum foil wrapped torpedo on my table that I opened and steam came out, fragrant with beef, cheese, onions and peppers.  Whoosh!  That smelled nice.  I smooshed it together to fit it in my mouth and took a good bite.  Dang!  Crunchy bread outside, soft inside and fully loaded with meaty, cheesey, gooey, spicy goodness.  A few mushroom buttons fell out--they most certainly did NOT scrimp on the toppings at this location.  This was a really good cheesesteak.  No, I'm not going to go into the Pat's or Geno's talk--I'll live that to my pals in Philly.  However, this was a dang good cheese steak, and was a good value for the money (Under $10.00) as well. So far I've found a couple of new places for good cheesesteak sammies along with the usual good spots (Jake's on Chimney Rock, Texadelphia, Capriotti's in Sugar Land), and yes, I'll include Jersey Mike's on the list as well.  

Report Card for Jersey Mike's on FM 1960: 

     Big Kahuna Cheesesteak: A
     Friendliness: A
     Speed: A-
     Dining area: A
     Kitchen: A
     Men's Room: Incomplete
 Atmosphere (Jersey Shore Faux Surf Shop): B+

Overall Grade: A-

Jersey Mike's has 8 Houston area locations.
I went to the one at:
11560 FM 1960 West Suite 400
Houston, TX 77065
Tel: 281-477-6453
Hours of Operation:
7 Days a Week
10am - 9pm

Eat Happy, Y'all!!!

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