Monday, February 10, 2014

Valentine's Day Preview of 3 Brothers Bakery Sweets

Well folks, it's that time!  The time when the price of roses Octouples overnight!  Valentine's Day is this Friday!!!  This whole week I'll be doing some Valentine's profiles, some suggestions for restaurants, and so forth, as well as some samples of  Valentine's Day FOOD.  While this is mostly about sweets, I'd personally not mind a heart shaped T-bone steak if there is such a thing.  Anyhoo, today's posting is about one of my favourite Houston area bakeries known as 3 Brothers.  They currently have 2 locations (one in Braeswood, one near Memorial City Mall) and will be adding a 3rd on Washington Avenue later this month, after V-day.  In any event, they are a great source for all kinds of different Valentine's Day treats, depending upon your or your sweetheart's tastes/preferences.

Every year 3 Brothers makes plenty of  classic decorated, white chocolate dipped gingerbread cookies and famous red velvet cupcakes.  However, that is NOT ALL they do for this Red Letter Day!  Three Brothers offers other sweet treats for your sweetheart this year, including a heart shaped cookie cake, rum balls, decorated cake balls, chocolate strawberries, festive petit fours and even a special, limited time Valentine’s Day gourmet cupcake.

I stopped by recently in order to try some of these new treats as well as enjoy a few clasics.  I got a box of cookies that included the fancy decorated iced sugar cookies gingerbread men and pink sugared heart shaped sugar cookies.  The iced cookies are soft and slightly cake-ish while the gingerbread men and sugar cookies are crunchy.  They're all very delicious, though if you like you sweets not so sweet, stay away from the iced cookies.  If you love buttercream icing, then induldge to your heart's content!!!

I also got a box with their heart sprinkle decorated rum balls, cookie cake bon-bons and Petit Fours.  I had to share the Petit Fours and bon-bons with my kids.  These were well decorated, quiet moist, very visually appealing--like little works of art.  The Rum Balls were full of chocolate cake goodness and just a bit of a spike from the rum itself.  The bon bons had kid of a white chocolate or marzipan type coating and were chewy with cake inside. Very nice and the Petit Fours were sweet, dipped squares of cake. I had to take my coffee black with these to balance it out, but it was worth it.  So delicious and great small sized treats to share, or not!

The piece de resistance was the special Valentine's gourmet cupcake that they made.  Here is a moist, decadent sized cupcake with a chocolate ganache topping, decorated with a pink heard and a pinkish squiggle.  The cake itself is pinkish on the inside with what appear to be pink sprinkles baked inside.  It's also filled with a cherry cream filling.  This is a cupcake that screams LOVE to any gourmet cupcake, chocolate or dessert lover.  I had to split this cupcake (it was substantial) with my 2 kids.  My daughter totally loved it.  My son love the chocolate part, said the cake part was "pretty good too" but also asked if they had an all-chocolate version, and I showed him a photo of their Black Velvet Cupcakes.  Suffice it to say, he liked the visual appeal of them and suggested if he were in the mood for a dessert that was not a Root Beer Float, he'd want to try one of those sometime.  ;)

I'd be wrong to not also mention that they also had crunchy pretzels dipped in various kinds of chocolate, some with sprinkles, some with different patterns on them.  All of these were really good, and it even attracted Jason's King Pig plush to try a sample.  All this goes to show that you can’t go wrong with a decadent dessert from Three Brothers Bakery!

3 Brothers is taking your Valentine's Orders NOW!
4036 S Braeswood;  Houston, TX  77025    713-666-2253
12393 Kingsride;  Houston, TX  77024    713-464-2253
Get your orders in NOW before these sweet treats are gone!

Eat Happy, Y'all!!!

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