Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Event: Grand Opening of 3 Brothers Bakery on Washington Avenue!

Well folks, today is the day!  The Washington Avenue location of 3 Brothers Bakery is FINALLY open!  And based upon what I saw when I came by today, the folks who live near Washington Avenue and the surrounding area (the Heights, River Oaks, et al) couldn't be happier to see Janice and Bobby Jucker open up!  3 Brothers is one of those Houston institutions that's been plugging along doing great things--making great food, serving up great coffee and serving the community for a long time now, so when the Jucker's called me to come on over for a coffee klatch and to cover their grand opening, I was more than happy to oblige.

First of all, I really like the location--it's well designed on the interior due to the work of Bobby Jucker's own hands--gotta love a chef and baker who's also a carpenter, eh?  It's also in a great location--right next to one of my pal Richard Evans's Comic Book Stores and across the street from another friend's burger joint, The Counter.  Along with the surrounding community, the Juckers couldn't ask for better neighbors or a better neighborhood to re-establish their 3rd location.  In fact, while I was taking photos and notes, several of the old River Oaks location fans came over and greeted Janice and Bobby, thanking them for setting up shop again.  As a food lover, seeing happy customers like that speaks volumes for a business, let me tell you.

Parfait, s'il vous plait? 
The bakery was in full swing with plenty of customers coming in.  They had a HUGE Challah (pronounced Hallah--the C is silent like in Chanukah) bread loaf out for folks to tear off a hunk, along with a big ol' King Cake and samples of their pre-made parfaits inlcuding a Boston Creme Pie, Strawberry Shortcake, Triple Chocolate and Apple Cream.  This was a sampling for their new Pick your Cake Parfait product where you can choose layers of different kinds of cake, creme and fruit in order to make your own unique parfait dessert.  Somehow I can hear Shrek and Donkey in my mind debating about layers at this point while they enjoy one of these custom sweet creations!

Latté Art
While I sampled a Boston Creme Partfait, Janice brought me a Latté made complete with some foam coffee art and espresso from their own 3 Brothers Bakery House Blend from local roaster Lola Savannah coffee.   Janice and Bobby indicated they'd gone to Lola Savannah and spent some time trying coffees and selecting beans until they found a blend that was smooth and not bitter, even when served black.  Their barista pulled me a latte withe really nice floral art and indeed, it was very smooth coffee, not bitter and quite delicious.  Frankly it's really nice to get this kind of craftsmanship in a latté and places like 3 Brothers Bakery or Blacksmith's coffee that will do these artistic touches--shows pride and thanks to the customer as well.

Bobby & Janice Jucker, the folks who run 3 Brothers 
At this point I sat down and chatted a bit with Janice and Bobby Jucker about the return to this part of Houston, the new patio that is dog friendly, some of their menu options and plans for this location.  Bobby and Janice are like the friendly next door neighbors you grew up with in some suburban tract from My Blue Heaven.  Very  nice, quick with a joke, friendly to all and well acquainted with Houston.  As I was reminded that they have many cakes that are dairy free (good to know for those with Dairy sensitivity issues) and that opening week they are selling several products whose proceeds will go to the Multiple Sclerosis Society to help fund research into medical treatments, they were greeted every few minutes by folks from the River Oaks area who missed the old West Gray location, some of the local colour from Washington Avenue who'd been watching the construction over the past few months and even Jay Hamburger, local homeless advocate and son of the late entertaining Moie Hamburger whom I used to know back in the 1990s as a bank customer.  Folks were coming in offering friendly congratulations and happy buying up plenty of sweet treats.  Janice & Bobby mentioned that they will be open til 10 PM on Friday and Saturday nights (a nice alternative to Starbucks after a mid-evening at the local clubs), with some flexibility later on based on foot traffic.  They also talked about plans to donate their day olds to local charities that feed the hungry.  You sit there and speak with these folks, they're good people who make great baked goods and really care about Houston and the people who make up Houston.

I picked up a king cake to bring to work and a couple of parfaits for my kids.  Janice heard about our dog Chichi and mentioned that they are baking doggie cookies.  She even discreetly said they're delicious for human consumption as well--and offered one for me to take to Chichi.  I don't know if I'm brave enough to try one yet, though I will say Chichi definitely loved it.  Nice little segue into the fact that the patio is dog friendly and if you bring your four legged friend he or she can also have a delicious baked treat made especially for them.

3 Brothers Bakery Doggie Treat
After a bit, Bobby and Janice had to get back to running their bakery and I had to get on my way as well.  I managed to bump into another local blogger, Soo Kim of Soo and the City, who blogs desserts and real estate and chatted for a minute.  She'd taken a bunch of photos of the dessert cases and got some cookies as well.  Suffice it so say, I'll be back over to this location at 4606 Washington Avenue.  It's a great addition to that neighborhood, and it's a nice extension of this great Houston Family Run Bakery.

FYI:  Their hours are
Mon-Thu 7 AM to 8 PM
Fri 7 AM to 10 PM
Sat 8 AM to 10 PM
Sun 8 AM to 6 PM.

Eat Happy, Y'all!!!

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