Work With does advertising and will work with you on a partnership basis!

I am offering the following at this time:

  • Banner Ads
  • Events to be covered and spotlighted in posts
  • Posts working with Sponsors 
  • Brand Ambassadorship
  • Product Reviews
Please note: Advertising is NOT FREE.  A free meal does not get you free ad space, just like a free meal doesn't get you a good review.  A gift card to a restaurant is not an acceptable form of payment either.  If your restaurant or organization only deals in a hard currency like the US Dollar, then why on earth would you think a website would not?  Sorry if this sounds snarky.  However, a couple of rather well to do companies that shall remain unnamed asked about ad space or partnership activities recently.  I put in a good amount of time to make a professional proposal and in return, they were expecting I'd do it in exchange for barter in food, gift cards on or in one case, that I'd do it all for free.

I REPEAT:  IF YOU EXPECT TO BE PAID IN MONEY BY YOUR CUSTOMERS, THEN EXPECT TO PAY MONEY TO ADVERTISE ON MY WEBSITE. will only display a modest amount of banner ads each month. Both short and long term options are available. Advertising rates are subject to change so be sure to check back if more than 2 months have passed since your last inquiry. Please ensure that topics are aligned with food, beverage (particularly craft beer, Whiskey, wine and premium soft drinks), entertainment or travel.

Although I prefer to use my own photos, I will gladly use any photos, logos or other media you provide, as long as you have the full rights to them free and clear, and as long as you give me express written permission to use them in the blog.  I will state in the posting "Included in Media Kit; Used with permission" in order to prevent any disputes.  

Please note:  as with my reviews, all postings and activities I engage in are subject to my Positive Honesty Policy.  

I will not accept advertising for, nor review any of the following:

  • Online Casinos (Casino Hotels with restaurants and shows are just fine)
  • Tobacco
  • Adult Services
  • Pornography
  • Online Dating Sites
  • Political Parties or Politically Oriented Websites
  • Anything that is related to groups or organizations that are bigoted against others by race/ethnicity, faith/religion, sexual orientation, gender, national origin or any other hate oriented organizations

Please email me at for more information.